Classical Traditions: Greece, Rome and the Making of Modern Britain

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ENGL 029 / CLST 102
(1 c.u.)
  • Taught by Ralph Rosen
  • Fulfills requirements: Sector 3 (Arts and Letters) of the College general requirement

This course will explore the many ways in which the literary, artistic and political traditions of ancient Greece and Rome informed and shaped British culture from the late 18th C through today. As we will see firsthand, the polished cosmopolitanism of contemporary London is founded on an array of cultural and aesthetic values with deep roots in Classical antiquity, particularly as they were imagined in late Victorian Britain and then embedded in art, architecture and political discourse of the twentieth century. Among other topics, we will consider the Classicism of British artists and early photographers, the philhellenic aestheticism of late 19th-C and early modernist literature, and the continual allure of classical mythology in British film and theater. We will supplement classroom study with several visits to London museums and a field trip to Bath, a spa city of Roman origins.  

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