Staging Gender and Sexuality

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ENGL 096 / GSWS 096 / THAR 096
(1 c.u.)
  • Taught by Rose Malague
  • Fulfills requirements: Sector 4 (Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences) of the College general requirement

What is “feminist theatre”? What is “queer theatre”? And what, for that matter, is “straight theatre”? Is that even “a thing”—or is it everything (else)? The social sciences have long borrowed theatrical metaphors to examine and understand the “performance” of gender and sexuality; surely there is no better forum—or form—for the consideration of these issues than the theatre itself. In this course, we will examine the staging of gender and sexuality in the theatre, with primary focus on late twentieth- and early twenty-first century theory and dramatic literature. Our readings will include feminist and queer adaptations of Greek, Shakespearean, and other canonical drama, as well as groundbreaking work by contemporary British and American playwrights and performers. A special feature of Penn-in-London will be our regular theatre-going: Some productions will be selected specifically to speak to our topic, while all performances will serve as material for cultural analysis—and critique.

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