Histology: How Cells and Tissue Build Animals and People

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  • Session A: July 10 - July 22, 2017


  • 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.


  • Sciences


  • Jeffrey Carey
high school Biology recommended

This module provides an introduction to the microscopic anatomy of animals. The animal body is composed of a vast diversity of cell types, which are in turn organized into tissues and organs that carry out the complex functions of life. Histology is the study of the cellular architecture of tissues and provides deep insights into the workings of the body. In this module, we will take a comparative approach to the subject by studying tissue structure in a variety of animal species, including humans, with an eye toward identifying the functional consequences of similarities and differences. The module will begin with the classification of tissue types and progress through the structure of organs. While the emphasis will be on normal (healthy) anatomy, some pathology will be introduced to illustrate the macroscopic consequences of microscopic abnormalities. By the end of the module, students will be able to examine images of a tissue section and identify the types of tissues present, their roles, and the relationship between structure and function. This module is ideal for students considering careers in veterinary or human medicine and for students with a particular interest in animal biology. Prior completion of a high school biology module is recommended but not required.

By the end of the module, students can expect a general familiarity with the microscopic anatomy of the major tissue types and organ systems of the animal body. The relationship between structure and function will be emphasized throughout the module, and students will come away from the module with a sensitivity to the structure/function connection. Students will be introduced to the morphological diversity of various vertebrate species and can expect to have a particular appreciation for how bodily specializations relate to an animal’s behavior and habitat.

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