Penn's Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
2020 SAS summer courses will take place remotely. For undergraduates, please check Penn InTouch for updated summer course information. For graduate and professional students, please consult your schools and programs. Summer study abroad remains cancelled.

The College of Liberal and Professional Studies staff is working remotely to comply with University protocols as we navigate the COVID-19 virus. Penn is committed to maintaining a safe campus and workplace for faculty, students, staff, and visitors. While we are not onsite, we are still available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. by phone and online in case you need support: (215) 898-7326 or

Visit, the University's dedicated coronavirus COVID-19 web page, for the latest updates.


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  • Domestic students: The majority of the Penn Summer Abroad locations do not require US citizens to have visas for their short-term stay. If your program does require a visa or other entry documents, the Penn Summer Abroad office provides you with instructions on what you need to complete to obtain the necessary paperwork via your program’s Canvas site.
  • Penn students who are non-US citizens: You must notify the Office of International Students and Scholars of your plans to study abroad. Paperwork from this office must be completed for re-entry into the US following your Penn Summer Abroad program.
  • International students: Non-US citizens may have different visa requirements. If you are not a US citizen, you should check on your visa requirements with the consulate of the country where you declare your citizenship. Additionally, you should check the necessary entry documents with the consulate(s) of the country where you plan to study.
    • If you are a non-US citizen and a visiting student from another US university or college, you need to notify your school's equivalent of International Student and Scholar Services to inform them of your travels.
    • If you are considering traveling to other countries on the way to or from your Penn Summer Abroad location, you must check on the visa requirements for each country in which you plan to visit. 
  • US permanent residents: You must bring your green card with you when you travel abroad. It is required to re-enter the US. Additionally, you should check with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services concerning any additional regulations for your re-entry into the US.
  • All students: For assistance determining if you will need a visa or other entry documents, you may access Penn’s dedicated Center for International Business and Travel (CIBT) website. Choose the “students” option, and follow the prompts to determine if you require a visa for your travel. Students are responsible for all costs associated with obtaining visa and entry documents.

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