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Penn undergraduates who currently receive financial aid are eligible to apply for William A. Levi Travel Fellowship funds to participate in a Penn Summer Abroad program. Recipients are selected with consideration to their academic standing, financial need and demonstrated motivation for participating in a Penn Summer Abroad program.


  • Penn undergraduates who receive need-based financial aid during the 2016-2017 academic year
  • Penn undergraduates who have been admitted, or are in the process of applying to a 2017 Penn Summer Abroad program, are eligible. Admission to the program is required before the fellowship awards being announced but students may apply prior to receiving their admission decision

The William A. Levi Travel Fellowship

  • Awards cover all or part of the cost of the program fee
  • Fellowship recipients who withdraw from the program forfeit the award. If the program is canceled, the student may not apply the award to any other coursework or program

Application Deadline

February 17, 2017


Call (215) 746-7075 or e-mail:

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Personal Information
Permission to Review Records
Academic standing and financial need are considered as part of the selection criteria.
Respond to the following questions on a word document and upload: 1. How you will benefit from participation in the program; how it fits with your overall academic goals. 2. Why, in financial terms, you need the award and how you would finance other costs involved to participate in the program.

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