Summer Sessions Enrollment

Penn Summer is managed by the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS). We operate on an Open Enrollment basis; all students interested in participating are welcome. There is no official application, though students will access the online application system to submit necessary contact information.

  1. Create Application Account 
  2. Login to our Online Application using your new account credentials
  3.  Complete the following portions of the application:
    • Personal Information
    • Program Information; type Penn Summer Sessions - Visiting Student into the  program search box
    • Personal Info continued
    • Academic Background
    • Additional Information
    • Agreement Statement  
    • Note: All unnecessary sections (such as test scores and recommendations) may be bypassed by clicking through with the red ‘Next Page’ button
  4. Submit information using the red Submit button located at bottom right
  5. Enter payment details, then click Submit Payment