Graduate Student Aid

Shown at an archaeological site in Syria is Steve Renette, recipient of the Maple Hill Foundation Graduate Prize Fellowship, and a PhD candidate in the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Graduate Group at the School of Arts and Sciences. For his dissertation, Steve is researching the eastern Tigris and western Zagros region during the Bronze Age.

Supporting Tomorrow’s Intellectual Leaders

Graduate students are a vital link in the intellectual life of a university. They not only are students and emerging scholars, but also serve as teachers, mentors, advisors, and collaborators. They energize the institution and represent the future of scholarship, and those who go on to academic careers establish Penn’s reputation among our peers.

By attracting the very best doctoral students, Penn Arts and Sciences will strengthen its ability to recruit and retain the best faculty, who thrive on their interaction with the next generation of scholars. We will support a vibrant intellectual bridge between our undergraduate students and our distinguished faculty. And we will preserve Penn’s position as a world-class research university.

The commitment to educating the next generation of scholars, teachers, scientists, and leaders comes at a significant cost. Financial assistance includes not only fellowship support, but support for summer stipends and dissertation research. Your gift can ensure that Penn Arts and Sciences remains an institution of choice for the most talented graduate students.

Giving opportunities in support of graduate fellowships:

  • $675,000 endows and names a full 12-month fellowship for one graduate student.
  • $575,000 endows and names a basic nine-month fellowship for one graduate student.
  • $350,000 endows and names a partial nine-month fellowship for one graduate student.
  • $250,000 establishes a named dissertation research fellowship.
  • $100,000 endows and names a summer stipend for one student.

Create a fellowship or stipend and support tomorrow’s intellectual leaders, or consider making a gift to the Graduate Fellowship Fund.