Annual Funds

The Arts and Sciences Annual Fund

The Arts and Sciences Annual Fund is the most fundamental way to support the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn. Donations mean immediate, unrestricted dollars for the School to use on its top priorities – and help it remain the strong heart of the University.

To learn more about the Arts and Sciences Annual Fund or make a gift, click here

Graduate Fellowship Fund

Graduate students energize the institution and represent the future of scholarship, and those who go on to academic careers establish Penn’s reputation amongst our peers. By attracting the very best doctoral students, the School of Arts and Sciences will strengthen its ability to recruit and retain the best faculty, who thrive on their interaction with the next generation of scholars. We will establish a vibrant intellectual bridge between our undergraduate students and our distinguished faculty. And we will preserve Penn’s position as a world-class research university.

The Graduate Fellowship Fund provides graduate students in Penn Arts and Sciences with fellowship support, as well as summer stipends and support for dissertation research. Gifts to this fund help the School of Arts and Sciences offer competitive funding packages to ensure that tomorrow's foremost scholars, educators and leaders can afford to choose Penn.

To make a gift to the Graduate Fellowship Fund, contact Robbie Hain at or make a gift online.