Center for Transcultural Studies: Publications/Public Planet Books

Editors: Dilip Gaonkar, Jane Kramer, Benjamin Lee, and Michael Warner

Public Planet Books is a series under the auspices of Duke University Press and supported by the Center for Transcultural Studies. It is designed for a public that reaches beyond experts and academics. Combining narrative description with informed reflection, each book focuses on an issue or event that is still unfolding. Public Planet Books are extended essays (about 120 pages), readable in a single sitting.

Public Planet Books meets a need for new forms of writing about contemporary culture. In the academy, cultural studies is seldom written for a nonexpert public. And in nonacademic publishing, space for critical reflection is hard to find. Issues of public culture are also becoming more urgent and more complex; from student demonstrations in Beijing to multiculturalism debates in New York, conflicts are increasingly both local and international. Public Planet Books allows local narrative accounts to be read in an international context.

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titles in the series

Jane Kramer, Whose Art Is It?, 1994.

Jane Gallop, Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment, 1997.

Julie Taylor, Paper Tangos, 1998.

Sanford Levinson, Written in Stone, forthcoming.

The Center for Transcultural Studies' three-part international publications project also includes the journal Public Culture (a collaboration with the University of Chicago Press) and the contemporary paperback series Public Worlds Books (a collaboration with the University of Minnesota Press). Executive Director of the project is Benjamin Lee.

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