Lifting Little Hands: National and Local Responses to Young Children Living in Poverty

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 4:30pm
Bodek Lounge, 1st floor of Houston Hall

Dr. John Fantuzzo, of Penn's Graduate School of Education, is the convener of a panel event taking place in collaboration with the Greenfield Foundation, the 2014 Albert M. Greenfield Memorial Lecture. The panel will discuss national and local responses to young children living in poverty with a special focus on large urban cities, such as Philadelphia. The lecture will feature the critical role of actionable intelligence in moving from data to policy. Panelists represents a group of distinguished colleagues with professional careers committed to serving children and families who are economically disadvantaged:

Renee Wilson-Simmons, Director of National Center of Children in Poverty
Sheila Smith, Early Childhood Director of National Center of Children in Poverty
Donna Cooper, Executive Director of Public Citizens for Children and Youth
Aisha Ray, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of Faculty at the Erickson Institute


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