Urban Studies Honors Presentations

Friday, May 3, 2019 - 1:30pm
McNeil Building, Room 103
Penn Urban Studies Program

Come show support for your fellow Urban Studies students!

Join URBS to gain insights on the Senior Thesis experience. This is a rare opportunity to hear from five of your peers as they discuss their projects, the research process, obstacles they faced, and their experience taking the URBS 400 Senior Thesis course.


Aliya Farmanali:
Research on supports in place for social service workers who may experience vicarious trauma or burnout

Caroline Kuchta:
A comparative study of the state's role in public art in Philadelphia and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jessica Lim:
An assessment of the University of Pennsylvania's support for its Academically Based Community Service program

Abigail McGuckin:
Evaluating the Lower Eastwick Public Land Strategy in light of past urban renewal interventions

Deborah Rabinovich:

An analysis of Know Your Rights interventions as a path to empowerment through legal mobilization for Latina immigrants