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  • Parks Alliance Seeks Skilled Volunteers and Interns

    We are a fast-paced and lively nonprofit that welcomes big ideas and big personalities at our West Philadelphia office. Our work is collaborative by nature and empowering by design. We are committed to our “no coffee, no copies” volunteer policy - volunteers have real responsibility and do valuable work. These positions are unpaid, but we can promise a rewarding experience doing work that matters.

  • Transportation Resource Associates, Inc. Intern

    Paid Internship/ Co-Op Position Description

    Intern assist TRA consultants at all levels, on transit- and  transportation related assignments, especially in fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness, operations, and maintenance. Responsibilities are highly varied, including report and proposal writing, document editing and production, presentation development; database development and analysis; and some field work.

    See Attachment for Details


  • Shared Prosperity Philadelphia Fellowship


  • Monument Lab: A Public Art and History Project

    We are hiring 10 Lab Managers – ideally teaching-artists/educators/community organizers – who are paid to operate research labs part-time between September-November around the city. Each lab is centered in a park adjacent to at least one piece of temporary monumental public art.
  • Promise Corps College & Career Ambassadors

    Promise Corps College and Career Ambassadors

  • Kristin Kelly (Urbs '16) studies in China

    Kristin Kelly (Urbs '16) is currently in the Yenching Academy of Peking University, earning a Master's in China Studies. Kristin really likes it, and encourages you to take a look at the program:

    If you would like to ask Kristin about her experience, let us know and we'd be happy to share her email with you:

  • Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. Research Assistant

    To assist me in historic preservation-related activities, I will hire a research assistant to work on my behalf in the office of the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia (

  • Transportation Planning / Urban Design Intern Office of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning

    JOB DESCRIPTION:  DVRPC’s Office of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning conducts planning studies on topics that require a multifaceted approach. The successful candidate will provide assistance on a variety of projects. Work tasks will primarily include creative design, mapping, and illustration work as well as descriptive narrative to describe existing conditions and recommendations for final report and presentation deliverables.
  • Professor Robert Fairbanks on Radio Times

    Click here to listen to the June 8th edition of Radio Times, where Urban Studies Professor Robert Fairbanks talks about the phenomenon of recovery homes in Philadelphia.

  • Melanie Young's (URBS '15) student selected to compete in national math championship

    Melanie Young (URBS '15) is a teacher at Southwark Middle School in Philadelphia, and introduced the students to the NBA-sponsored board game, Math Hoops, as part of her after school math club. Math Hoops combines basketball and math, encouraging 3rd through 8th graders to learn basic math while scoring “baskets” on a model basketball court.

    Melanie’s student, Aye Aye, who moved to South Philadelphia from Thailand, is one of 16 students selected from over 20,000 applicants to complete in California at the National Championship for Math Hoops.