Become an Urban Teacher and Earn a Masters from JHU

Urban Teachers is a pioneering teacher preparation program that is transforming the way people are prepared for a career in teaching. Through hands-on training, coaching and peer supports, we give teachers the skills they need to improve outcomes for students in high-needs communities. 

Why Urban Teachers? Our four-year program equips you to be a great teacher in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.  We currently work in pre-K to 12th grade classrooms in public schools and charter schools in DC, Baltimore, and Dallas/Fort Worth. 

You get:

  • A 14-month residency
  • A 3-year teacher placement, with opportunities to take on leadership roles and advance your career
  • A Master of Science in Education degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, the #2 ranked Graduate School of Education in the country
  • 2 teaching certifications, one in elementary education, secondary literacy or secondary math, and a second certification in special education
  • 3 years of one-on-one coaching as you develop a truly outstanding practice
With Urban Teachers, you will be prepared for the job. To learn more, visit our website or listen to our latest general webinar recording. Interested in becoming an Urban Teacher?

SECOND DEADLINE: November 18th 

Click here to start an online application today! 

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