Doctors Without Borders Volunteer Opportunity

Do you want to help out with Forced From Home, produced by Doctors Without Borders? We’re looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and reliable volunteers to help us staff the Forced From Home exhibition and associated events.

Exhibition Volunteers

Exhibition Volunteers will assist in a variety of roles on-site at the exhibition, including: crowd management, visitor registration, virtual reality tent support, and logistics support. All volunteer shifts are a minimum of five hours.

No special skillsets are required for any of the positions, however volunteers working on “Load-in” and “Load-out” days must be comfortable lifting 50 pounds, as the role will involve a lot of physical effort.

Panel Discussion Volunteers

Panel Discussion Volunteers will provide guest service and logistics support throughout these special events. Volunteer roles are:

  • USHER – Help direct guests to seats, hand out programs, assist with Q&A microphones, pick up programs after event
  • REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN – Use iPad to check-in/register guests for reception & panel discussion
  • GREETER/FRONT DOOR – Help direct guests to appropriate event location (reception/auditorium), answer questions
  • RECEPTION – Help set up tables/furniture for reception, pack down reception materials

All volunteers must be at least 18 on the day they volunteer for the exhibition. There is no upper age limit to participate, however you should be comfortable being on your feet, potentially in inclement weather, while on site.


Doctors Without Borders recognizes the significant value that volunteers contribute to the event, particularly those that complete multiple shifts. As a thank you to our most dedicated volunteers, we will offer the following rewards to volunteers based on the number of shifts served:

  • One Shift: Forced From Home T-Shirt
  • Two Shifts: Free lunch (if both shifts are served on the same day)
  • Three Shifts: Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset
  • Four Shifts: Forced From Home Tote Bag
  • Five Shifts: Surprise Gift

Please note that all rewards will be distributed at the exhibition site only.

How to Apply

For more information on this opportunity/where to register to volunteer, please visit

Exhibition Volunteers note: When selecting shifts please note that you can sign up for both the morning and afternoon shifts if you wish to work the whole day. If you are working for an entire day, we will provide a lunch break and free lunch.