Fall Internship | Philly Public School Notebook

In continual budget crisis, and undergoing significant privatization of school management and other functions, Philadelphia has been drawing nationwide attention for the struggle surrounding the future of its public schools. The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, an award-winning independent news organization, was founded in 1994 by school reform activists, teachers, parents and community members working for quality and equity in the public schools. Through our nonprofit newspaper and website, we provide news, information and a forum for dialogue. We aim to foster greater public involvement in school change efforts and to include more grassroots voices in discussions about the future of the schools. The Notebook has a bimonthly, free print newspaper with a circulation of 55,000 copies and a website with news, analysis and commentary that is updated every weekday.

Interested applicants should forward a resume and cover letter to Wendy Harris at wendyh@thenotebook.org.