Next City publishes op-ed by URBS senior, Jana Korn, based on her senior seminar research on Women and violence on public transportation

Jana spent spring 2017 semester in Santiago Chile and was struck by the vibrancy of life in public places, but she also began to see how the experience of public life is gendered.  In the preface of her senior seminar paper, Jana notes the incredible congestion she observed on public transportation in Santiago and how it is male dominated at certain times of the day.  This led her to ask if women were being turned away from these forms of transportation because of the threat of sexual violence?  And how was the challenge of navigating public transportation shaping women's opportunities and experiences?  Jana's op-ed, "Women's Safety Must be Part of Transportaiton Planning" draws on her research conducted during summer 2017 and continued for the fall senior seminar.  

 Read Jana's piece in Next City here.