Summer Internship at Metrolabs Network in Washington, D.C.

MetroLab Network is a recently-launched network of more than 20 city-university partnerships focused on “smart cities”. The Network was launched as part of the White House’s Smart Cities Initiative. Our founding members have memorialized their commitment in a letter to President Obama.


Our mission is to bring together university researchers with city decision-makers to research, develop, and deploy “RD&D” technologically‐ and analytically‐based solutions to improve our infrastructure, services, and other public sector priorities.

The Network will 1) promote the city-university partnership as a tool for bringing technology, analytics, and innovation to cities; 2) scale successful city-university projects to other cities; and 3) develop a platform for multi-university research efforts that take advantage of a multi-city “laboratory” to address common challenges facing cities.


Here is an recent article that describes MetroLab Network . 



MetroLab Network is seeking a summer intern to assist with

·        Helping design/coordinate project clusters following MetroLab Network’s conference in May.

·        Help design corporate engagement strategy, both for the network broadly and also for particular project clusters.

·        Assist in grant-writing/fundraising process from potential philanthropic and corporate entities.

·        Assist with communications-related tasks, including blog posts, social media, and email newsletters.

·        Assist with day-to-day tasks related to the network’s operation.




·        Interest in urban policy, technology, and cities

·        Strong academic record

·        Demonstration of leadership skills

·        Strong writing skills


Interested candidates can apply by uploading a cover letter and resume to:  Applications are due Friday, April 22.