Caroline Kuchta - to compare the community impact of public art, in the form of murals, in Buenos Aires and Philadelphia


Reece Sisto - to examine how undocumented immigrants carve out an economic niche for themselves, via membership to work co-ops


Mira Kaplan - to analyze the ways in which Cape Town’s Woodstock neighborhood has survived development pressures over time


Alisa Shargorodsky - to address the issue of waste reduction by identifying potential incentives for waste stream reduction in Philadelphia

Madeleine Wattenbarger - to study the role of interracial churches on social life in surrounding neighborhoods of West Philadelphia


Jasmine Pang - to study a project-based learning school and the impact of its curricular innovation on student engagement


Marisa Denker - to study the evolution and topography of Dublin's new DIY cooperative art culture

Ian MacLean - to study the impacts of urban greening for storm water management

Manon Vergerio - to compare two similar cities and the role of artist communities in revitalization and/or gentrification


Jenny Chen - to evaluate the impact of Chicago's community gardens

Elizabeth Doi - to study the role of a museum in its community

Kevin Luo - to examine the concept of same-sex parenthood in the Asian-American community


Michelle Lee - to carry out research on the social life of urban coffeeshops

Erica Yoon - to study art museum programming for youth


Sam Bloom - to study memorials and their dialogue with urban settings in Germany


Jody Pollock - to research immigrant community garden projects in Norris Square

Sarah Yeung - to research ethnic grocery stores in metropolitan areas

Leah Yudin - to examine municipal policy and its effect on urban sustainability  


Adrian Ponsen - to study the reasons for the foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia

Abby Kolker - to research the treatment of homeless females in the Philadelphia shelter system


Lesley Snyder - for research on community groups at Melrose Commons in the Bronx

Nathaniel Koonce - to examine the dynamics of racial identity among Afro-Brazilians in the context of Centro da Comunidade Brasileira ( Brazilian Community Center) in Danbury, CT

Esther Tjoe - to carry out research on the impact of the film industry on the economy of the Greater Philadelphia area


Amelia Duffy-Tumasz - to study mocrofinance in Senegal

Tara Krueger - for her research on public transportation in Portland, Oregon and Kennewick, Washington

Ethan Lipsitz - to study the planning and design of plazas in Barcelona, Spain


Jennifer Passanante - for a research project on the Public Defender's Law Guardians Program at the State of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender


Jacob Brogan - for an internship with the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness

Akiko Douglas - for an internship with the John Bartram Association

Rafael Jimenez - for an internship with the Center for Community Partnerships


Achilles Kintiroglou - to work with Sulzberger Middle School

Lauren Sypek - to work with the University City High School "Girl Talk" Club

Lori Taliaferro - to work with the department of Housing and Urban Development

Sarah Wolf - to work with the University City High School "Girl Talk" Club