URBS178 - Faculty/Student Collaborative Action: Seminar in Urban Univ/Comm Relations

One of the goals of this seminar is to help students develop their capacity to solve strategic, real-world problems by working collaboratively in the classroom, on campus, and in the West Philadelphia community. Research teams help contribute to the improvement of education on campus and in the community, as well as the improvement of university-community relations. Among other responsibilities, students focus their community service on collegeand career readiness at two West Philadelphia High Schools: Sayre High School and West Philadelphia High School. Students are typically engaged in academically-based community service learning at the schools on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. A primary goal of the seminar is to help students develop proposals as to how a Penn undergraduate education might better empower students to produce, not simply consume, societally-useful knowledge, as well as function as caring, contributing citizens of a democratic society.
Section 401 - SEM
W 0200PM-0500PM
133 S. 36th ST. (formerly MEL 514