This studio style class will follow the method of a traditional architecture and city planning studio, in that the learning will occur while students do a simulated project. A specific neighborhood in Philadelphia will be chosen and students will examine the neighborhood in detail, focusing on the different aspects that comprise the concept of sustainability. This will include issues of density, diversity of uses, transportation, livability, environmentally sustainable buildings, food accessibility, environmentally sustainable materials, and education. It will also look into issues related to social sustainability and social diversity. Students will have two main projects within the semester. The first is to analyze the chosen neighborhood, in terms of the different aspects of sustainability. The second is to create guidelines to lead it towards a more sustainable future. Definitions of sustainability will be explored throughout this process. As each component of sustainability is examined within the context of the chosen neighborhood, it will simultaneously be explored in readings, class discussions, guest lectures and tours.
Section 301 - SEM
R 0130PM-0430PM