Sound is all around us and shapes almost every aspect of our everyday days, and yet, in comparison to our rich descriptions of visual culture, we often lack the explanatory power to analyze and assess the overwhelming influence of the sonic. This introduction to sound studies course will combine a rigorous conceptual and a creative, hands-on approach. We will explor how sound and auditory cultures have been theorized, how soundscapes shape built environments and transorm social relations, and how technologies have affected our relationships to sound. The course will focus on urban spaces. Cutting across disciplinary, historical and geographical boundaris, we will cover themes including sound-reproduction and mobile technologies, sonic consumption, noise regulation, protest, the politics of listening under Trumpism. We will encounter a wide variety of materials from literary texts to mobile apps and video games, not to mention a vast range of sounds drawn from fieldwork around the world from Las Vegas to Shanghai, Paris to Johannesburg. Alongside written work, you will make fieldwork recordings on the streets of Philadelphia and develop creative projects using media of your choice to reflect upon urban sound.
Section 401 - LEC
TR 0130PM-0300PM