In Spring 2018, this course is specially designed to appeal to students with interests in urban studies and environmental studies across different disciplines. We will explore the natures, cultures and environmentalisms of cities by exploring the matter of urban water. Cities have long been made through historic projects to tame the unruly relations between land and water. As the catastrophic human disasters in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico have recently shown, these relations are today everywhere being unsettled and exacerbated by climate change. In cities as diverse as Philadelphia and Mumbai, climate change promises to exacerbate social inequalities and further squeeze non-human natures. How is the urban environment produced, magnified, divided and shrunk with water? In these times, how might we make space for social justice and non-human natures in and along rising urban waters? This course is the first of a two-course sequence on urban waters and climate change, and is part of Rising Waters, a comparative research project in the Environmental Humanities. The course will feature field trips in Philadelphia, as well as guest lectures by urban professionals, environmental experts and activists. Students successfully completing the course will have the opportunity to apply to travel to India in December 2018 to conduct original research with their peers in Philadelphia and Mumbai.
Section 401 - SEM
TR 1030AM-1200PM