Ariel Ben Amos

UPenn MCP (Masters in City Planning) & MGA (Masters of Government Administration)
What brought you to Urban Studies?: 

I have been passionate about cities, urban systems and Philadelphia for years.  It's why I was an Urban Studies Major during my undergraduate career at Penn, and why I have a dual degree in City Planning and Government Administration.

Areas of interest: 

Transportation, Sustainability, Local Politics, Community Development

Career/Career Ambitions: 

Urban planner with a focus on transportation and green infrastructure.

Cities and Sustainability (URBS 417) and Transportation in American Society (URBS 419)
Research Interests: 

Transit Oriented Development, Place-making

Ariel has served on the boards of organizations from Cedar Park Neighbors to the Design Advocacy Group, the Gershmany Y and Young Involved Philadelphia.  He was a 2010 Political Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership.

"Philadelphians want change, so long as everything looks the same when its done." - Rina Cutler