Phil Dawson

Class Year: 
Hatboro, PA
Other majors or minors: 
Spanish major
What brought you to Urban Studies?: 

As a senior in high school, I knew I was interested in learning more about cities and city planning, and I saw that Penn had one of the most well-established and comprehensive Urban Studies programs in the country.

Areas of interest: 

City Planning, Economic Development

Career/Career Ambitions: 

As the world becomes more populated and more urban, the prospects and challenges that cities face are greater than ever.  After completing my Masters in City Planning at PennDesign, I hope to enter the field in Philadelphia or another major American city, and to contribute to its revitalization over the course of my career.

Thesis Topic: 
The role of civic participation in modern city planning
Fieldwork Placement: 
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
How did majoring in urban studies prepare you for graduate school or your current work?: 

The Urban Studies major provided me with an excellent foundation for me to build upon in my graduate studies in City Planning at Penn.  While core classes enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of cities and the issues they face today, the flexibility of the program allowed me to begin exploring city planning through electives, fieldwork, and my senior thesis. 

Memorable experiences as a major: 

My fieldwork and thesis classes; getting to know my professors; my activities with the UAB

"The important thing is to get things done."--Robert Moses