Qingying Xia

Class Year: 
Nanjing, China
Other majors or minors: 
Real Estate
What brought you to Urban Studies?: 

I knew I’d like to do large-scale projects such as urban planning/design or architecture investment (Real Estate development if you like) before I came to Penn, and now the path seems paved well thanks to the Urban Studies program

Areas of interest: 

Too many…opera, piano, photography, poetry, arts collection, travel…all kinds of food…archaeology/classic studies is definitely one of them. And pop dance for sure.

Career/Career Ambitions: 

Urban green design in developing countries

Thesis Topic: 
A Tale of Two Cities: Life and Death of Manmade Landmarks in New York and Shanghai
Fieldwork Placement: 
CBRE; Development Hub of Department of Building, NY
How did majoring in urban studies prepare you for graduate school or your current work?: 

This major prepares me as a future urban planner/designer by granting me a good combination of sense and sensibility with a variety of classes( from both undergraduate and graduate programs in the School of Design) teaching GIS, stats, design concepts, urban policies, economics, sustainability, architecture, urban media and everything… I’m also minoring in Real Estate in Wharton through our inter-school program, which gives me the same experience of Real Estate studies as a Wharton Real Estate major but saves me trouble of fulfilling some advanced business basics requirements that are less relevant to my area of interest. The URBS 300 fieldwork class also gives me an early taste of working in the real world, helping me build work connections in advance. Overall this is the most flexible and all-inclusive major I know and I only regret I don’t have enough credits to go for all the classes I like!

Memorable experiences as a major: 

Winning prize at our first short documentary festival; New York trips; Cozy seminar rooms/warm tea/wonderful food at the department; All the lovely professors and plus Elaine is just the best program chair you can ever get

Ben Franklin Scholar
Dean's List
Gordon Family Award
International Internship Program Scholarship
Research Interests: 

Architecture Economics; Architecture Psychology; Sustainability

"I’ll never know who I am till I tame the time."