Students in the fall Urban Studies Senior Seminar (URBS400) whose papers are
exceptional and show promise for publication will be invited to participate in
the spring honors seminar.  If they choose to participate, honors seminar
participants will revise and refine their research/papers with the goal of
their work for publication in an academic journal relevant to the topic.  The
seminar meets periodically during the semester, structured around a set of
assignments geared to facilitate the process of revision.  Students will be
assigned to read each other's work and meetings take the form of a workshop
with students reporting on progress and providing feedback to improve and
develop each other's papers.  In addition to completing the revised paper for
a grade, participants in the honors seminar are required to present their work
to a wider Urban Studies audience in a special session at the end of the
semester and to provide documentation that they have submitted their papers
for publication.  Students who successfully complete the honors seminar will
graduate with distinction in the major, noted on their transcripts and in the
graduation materials.

2014 Honors Class

1.      Goldenberg, Kate. Reclaiming a Selected Past: Mussolini’s Rome and Bacon’s Philadelphia


2.      Jennewein, Penny. Struggle Is a School: Student Involvement in the Unionization and First Contract Campaigns of Non-Faculty Employees at Elite, Private Universities


3.      Kirk, Gabriela. Examining the effectiveness of the reentry climate in Philadelphia


4.      Onyeador, Ike. Urban Malnutrition: Deficits in Ability, Assets & Attitude in West Philadelphia


5.      Osaki, Samantha. Crisis Averted? The Dimner Beeber Middle School Community, Post-Threat of Closing


6.      Sachse, Erica.  Trends in Detroit’s Revitalization: Past and Present Perspectives


7.      Slaughter, Kelsey. Why the Dream Drops Out: Why do African American Students at the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences Avoid Certain Majors and Career Fields


8.      Survis, Nicole. The Right Response to the Response to Intervention and Instruction Framework: Exploring the Impact of Technology-Based Assessment and Instruction in RtII Framework


9.      Vergerio, Manon. Rethinking planned and natural cultural districts: Fishtown, Philadelphia, a hybrid case


10.  Zhang, Rosaline. Keeping Great Teachers in the Classroom, a case study on a pilot teacher evaluation system and its impact on teacher retention


11.  Zurier, Rachel. Educating Space: The Suitability And Failure of a Philadelphia Factory School