buildingThis minor, co-sponsored by Real Estate (Wharton) and Urban Studies (Arts and Sciences), is  designed to enable students to combine an interest in Urban Studies and Real Estate Development. The minor consists of seven courses. Four are required and three may be selected from a list of approved courses in consultation with the student's home school advisor.

The advisor for the students in the College of Arts and Sciences is Elaine Simon.

The advisor in the Wharton School is Susan Wachter.

Please note - students considering the minor must take Economics 1 and 2 before any Wharton course work is undertaken. Also, students are advised to keep in mind that some of the Wharton classes have prerequisites for which the students have responsibility of fulfilling. Current prerequisites are noted. Students are strongly advised to confirm the prerequisites by checking the University Course Register.

Note for School of Arts and Sciences students: Wharton courses may be counted towards your 4 course limit on classes taken outside of the School of Arts and Sciences. Please plan accordingly.

COLLEGE students must take two of the starred (*) Urban Studies courses plus one other from the following list (3 total).
Wharton students must take two of the starred (*) Urban Studies courses plus two more from the following list (4 total):

*URBS 104 The Urban Crisis
*URBS 204
Urban Law
Cities, Suburbs, and their Regions
URBS 272
Architecture, Location, and Class
290 Metropolitan Nature
URBS 415
Urban Real Estate Markets
Introduction to City Planning
*URBS 450
Urban Redevelopment
The Politics of Housing and Community Development
Community Economic Development
 Brownfield Remediation
URBS 622
Introduction to Property Development

(other courses may be considered with prior approval)


COLLEGE students must take two of the starred (*) Real Estate courses plus two others from the following list (4 total).
WHARTON students must take two of the four starred (*) Real Estate courses plus one other from the following list (3 total).
Wharton students who are concentrating in Real Estate must take a total of five Real Estate courses.

Real Estate Law, Financing and Development
Urban Public Policy and Private Investment
*REAL 215
Urban Real Estate Economics โ—Š
Urban Fiscal Policy โ—Š
Real Estate Investments
International Housing Comparisons (preprequisite: FIN 101)
ARCH 762
Design & Development

โ—Š Previous coursework in FNCE, ECON, or STAT is strongly recommended. See advisor for details and list of applicable classes.


Notes :

  1. For Urban Studies Majors - No more than three courses counted for the minor may also be included in the student's major or concentration
  2. The minor should be declared by the end of the junior year to take advantage of faculty advice.
  3. Many students experience difficulty enrolling in REAL/FNCE 209. The Finance Department will keep a wait list for FNCE 209 so it is advisable to contact them if interested in this class.
  4. Courses (other than those marked as required) may be substituted at the discretion of the advisors.

You may fill out the Urban Real Estate and Development Minor Proposal Form to begin the process of enrolling in the minor. Your minor will not be formally declared until after meeting with an advisor and receiving approval.