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Jacqueline Wee


Nightingale is a multilayered piece that addresses a number of my interests and concerns.
It is an artist book, printed in a limited edition of twenty books, and its source inspiration is ukiyo-e, a style of Japanese woodblock prints and paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It also draws from my childhood, my love of narratives, and my outlook on life. Each spread consists of excerpts from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale paired with illustrations by me, and the entire book is printed on a Risograph machine. Nightingale juxtaposes the human and the machine, and it deals heavily with the concept of perfection, questioning whether such a thing can be attained, or if it is even desirable.

Sector C: Art Practice and Technology

ADVISERS: Julie Davis (ARTH), Jeremy Holmes (FNAR)