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Marc Goodman

Marc Goodman
Sector C: Art Practice and Technology
Ellen Reynolds (FNAR), Andrew Moisey (ARTH)

Education Art: Enhancing Textual Learning with Image and Sound

Younger generations have grown impatient, ultimately slowing down their transduction of knowledge. In the modern technological age, we possess a number of innovative communication devices that branch from the outdated scholarly form of text. Photography has foregrounded the image, which is a more direct mode of experience transmission, coinciding with our electronic age of hyperrealism. My thesis tests the idea that we can learn to communicate information in a number of progressive ways. Combining audio, visuals, and text, an integrated video can better relay information. This project specifically targets the ways we are taught in schools, which are often more of a chore than a joy. Why should we not work to make this a more fluid process?

This thesis hopes to inspire integration of materials to better relate to our digitally savvy youths. By converting Kristen Thompson and David Bordwell’s Film History textbook, Film History: An Introduction, I demonstrate the ease and simplicity of this new form of translation. Text is long overdue for some changes, as conservative ideologies have deprived society of these radical improvements. The continuity of the image allows for a more integrated mode of data-visualization and communication; ‘Education Art,’ as I have coined it, aspires to inspire a modern universal mode of language.