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Tyler Pridgen


Fisher Thigpin is having trouble sleeping.  His barista job is mind numbing and his sister has just agreed to house their estranged father as he recovers from a massive stroke.  So Fisher, searching for a solution to his insomnia, stumbles upon a mysterious drug called Sand – a mixture that, when taken at night, transports the drinker to an alternate dream world, named Cartesia, along with a small circle of other drinkers, the Cartesians.  Wise Guy, the leader of the Cartesians, has lost his wife to the constantly fluctuating landscape of Cartesia, and it is up to Fisher and the others to find her.  However, as the stress of Fisher’s waking life builds, the dream-like flux of Cartesia becomes more volatile.

Creating an alternate world is no easy task, but having a set of guidelines can help define a consistent and intriguing reality. By understanding and employing the rules that govern different categories of bizarreness in dream phenomenology as observed by philosophers and scientists, my screenplay seeks to create the exciting and visually rich dream-like reality of Cartesia.


Sector C: Art Practice & Technology

Advisers: Ian Verstegen: (VLST)  |  Andrew Cochran: Professional