Alternate Reality Gaming in Education

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 3:15pm to 4:45pm

Using games and simulations in education is by no means a new concept, however, most educational games are introduced in a single class session, the point is made, and then the educator moves on to something else. In partnership with Wharton Management Professor, Ethan Mollick, the Learning Lab set out to design a radical new approach to educational gaming that provides a slow-burn learning experience spanning multiple topics in a given course. Over several weeks, student teams are sent challenges in the form of emails, video messages and chats from fictitious game characters, and based on how the team responds, they provided feedback as well as being awarded points, achievements and badges. 

In this session, Sarah will share how this alternate reality gaming platform was implemented in a Wharton entrepreneurship class, and where it met and fell short of its intended learning objectives. As this is a highly configurable platform, Sarah will also demonstrate how it can be leveraged by other faculty in just about any discipline imaginable.


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