Stuck in a Software Rut? Moving with Confidence to the Next Generation Platform

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm

For years you've used the same language for custom applications, and now it's market position is waning. How do you assess a replacement? Wharton Computing developed an assessment framework called DevTAP which raises red flags if a platform is beginning to decline and evaluates whether the next choice meets your organization's needs. The framework was created because Wharton Computing found itself in the position of being heavily invested in a web platform no longer being improved or supported by the vendor. Many institutions face a similar dilemma. Attendees will walk away with a methodology that they can take and adapt to help guide these decisions in their own institutions.

The framework defines core categories and identifies a set of well-rounded assessment indicators for each. The core assessment categories are: Viability, Expertise Pool, Support, Extensibility, Training, Stability, Solutions Development and Cost. To ensure the platform provides for the diverse needs in play, the framework also incorporates business requirements. There are 11 business related categories covering everything from email capability to search, security, accessibility and data integration. In line with the core categories, there are several assessment indicators for each business requirement category.


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