Sarah Toms

Sarah Toms is the IT Director of the Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  The Learning Lab explores new approaches to learning through the development of serious games, simulations and interactive programs. In 2013, Sarah and her team delivered 2 commercially available simulations via Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), with 2 more planned for release this Fall. Between HBP and Wharton, there are almost 15,000 student plays of Learning Lab games per year. This summer the Learning Lab released a powerful Alternate Reality Gaming platform for education, which introduces a new approach to leveraging games for providing rich experiential learning. Sarah has been working in Information Technology since the dot-com hey days. Its her work with Wharton's Learning Lab that has been the most exciting because she loves applying her deep-rooted expertise in technology to designing engaging games and simulations that enhance learning. Summed up in a hashtag, #paidtoplay.

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