Gamification design workshop

Gamification is the use of digital game elements and design techniques to motivate people outside of games.  Organizations are adopting it for a variety of goals, including engaging customers, stimulating employee performance, enhancing e-learning and training programs, and promoting health and wellness behavior change.  This hands-on session will explain the core principles of gamification and give you the opportunity to develop a gamification concept to address a real-world problem.  

Social Media Research

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook provide a rich, if imperfect portal onto people's lives.  This session will cover how we analyze tens of millions of Facebook posts and billions of tweets to study variation in language use with age, gender, personality, and mental and physical well-being.  Word clouds visually illustrate the big five personality traits (e.g., "What is it like to be neurotic?"), while correlations between language use and county level health data suggest connections between health and happiness.

Alternate Reality Gaming in Education

Using games and simulations in education is by no means a new concept, however, most educational games are introduced in a single class session, the point is made, and then the educator moves on to something else. In partnership with Wharton Management Professor, Ethan Mollick, the Learning Lab set out to design a radical new approach to educational gaming that provides a slow-burn learning experience spanning multiple topics in a given course.


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