Designing for Success with Client Involvement

Web design projects can be excruciatingly complex, often fraught with hidden stakeholders, nebulous business goals, and indiscriminate design approvals. With the explosion of Responsive Web Design, this equation has only gotten more complex. How are we able to better predict the common hurdles that can keep our projects from becoming a success? Instead of being caught off-guard when new issues arise, staying ahead of these frequent pain points can keep you focused on crafting beautiful, results-driven solutions for you clients.

The Impact of Management on UX Design

Today, the profession of Design enjoys media coverage and public awareness unimagined only twenty years ago. While this coverage tends to focus on explicit design philosophies and techniques, little attention is paid to the effect that management has had on the practice and product of Design. This session will look at some creative approaches and methods that managers can adopt, in order to address the distinguishing characteristics of UX designers.

Beyond Pink & Blue: Gender's Influence on User Behavior & the Design Process

When considering the needs of our audience, gender is often taken for granted or misunderstood. We ignore it or resort to meaningless assumptions such as women like pink stuff and men like football. Yet we’re making design decisions every day for people whose gender inherently impacts the way they behave and present themselves to the world, both offline and online.


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