Stream Weaving: Visualizing Real-time Data

Streaming data sources are ubiquitous—feeds are available in all sizes, from fitness trackers to home automation sensors, social media metrics, server logs and web analytics. The need for graphing this type of data is likely to increase, as more businesses take advantage of the possibility of instant performance  feedback. We'll discuss ways developers and designers can plan to integrate representations with existing resources, as well as demonstrate examples with code.

Designing Meetings

Great meetings foster empathy, trust, and collaboration within design teams and with extended groups of stakeholders. Poorly considered and executed ones ruin all of that, even with the best design work in the world. Meetings run through the veins of any flavor design process, so they need to be effective. There are reliable, proven frameworks for human interaction in meetings, whether they be in-person or remote, that improve the attendee experience in kickoffs, status meetings, post-mortems, and everything in between. Meetings that encourage healthy conflict and work for meaningful consensus lead us to better design faster.

The Art of Content

How do we use creativity and storytelling to generate more meaningful content for the websites we are suddenly responsible for feeding? Tracey will explore techniques for better storytelling, how the spokes of the content wheel can work together (social, photo, video, copy), and how we can all start being artists instead of “content creators”. The act of creation should be one that is nurtured, celebrated, pushed and challenged - whether we are in front of a blank canvas or blank fields in a CMS.


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