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Fall 2004 Academic Year Courses

Soci 612-301 Categorical Data Analysis

Previous Acadmic Year Courses, not currently scheduled

Soci 535-001  Quantitative Methods in Sociology I

Soci 536-001 Quantitative Methods in Sociology II

Soci 611-301

Organizational Dynamics 694:    



Processes of Stratification in Science, published in 1980 by Ayer Company Publishers.

Event History Analysis  published in 1984 by Sage Publications.

Survival Analysis Using the SAS ® System: A Practical Guide, published in December 1995 by the SAS Institute.

Logistic Regression Using the SAS®System: Theory and Application, published in March 1999 by the SAS Institute

Multiple Regression: A Primer  published in January 1999 by Pine Forge Press.

Missing Datapublished in August 2001 by Sage Publications

    Data sets used in missing data book


"Multiple Imputation for Missing Data: A Cautionary Tale."
Published in Sociological Methods and Research 28 (February 2000): 301-309.

"Fixed Effects Methods for Non-Repeated Events"

"Fixed-Effects Negative Binomial Regression Models"


To download data sets and macros used in my books or courses, click here.

For data sets used in Missing Data, click here.

For a text file of the NLSY data set (with SAS input statements) used in the short course "Missing Data", click here.

New SAS Macros

MISS (version 1.05) uses the EM algorithm to estimate the parameters of a multivariate normal distribution when data are missing, and optionally generates multiply imputed data sets using the methods of J. L. Schafer, "Analysis of Incomplete Multivariate Data."  (Note:  Version 8 of SAS has PROC MI which accomplishes the same tasks, but is much faster).

COMBINE (version 1.03) takes  estimates based on multiply imputed data sets and combines them into a single set of estimates and associated statistics. (Note:  This macro has been superseded by PROC MIANALYZE which is available in version 8.1 of SAS).

COMBCHI (version 1.0) takes chi-square statistics from multiply imputed data sets and produces a single p-value.

GLOGIT does maximum likelihood estimation of logistic regression models for two or more groups when the residual variance is allowed to differ across groups.

LIFEHAZ  This is a new version of my LIFEHAZ macro which plots the hazard function for a model fitted by PROC LIFEREG. This version works for Release 6.12 through Release 8.2 of SAS.

PREDICT   This is a new version of my PREDICT macro which calculates survival probabilities for models fitted by PROC LIFEREG.  This version works for Release 8.2 of SAS, and may or may not work for earlier releases.

For other macros described in my books, check the Data section above.