Classyfinig Patterns of Visual Motion - a Neuromorphic Approach

Jakob Heinzle and Alan A Stocker
NIPS Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15, Vancouver Canada, December 2002, MIT Press, p.1123-1130 p. 706 - 712

We report a system that classifies and can learn to classify patterns of visual motion on-line. The complete system is described by the dynamics of its physical network architectures. The combination of the following properties makes the system novel: Firstly, the front-end of the system consists of an aVLSI optical flow chip that collectively computes 2-D global visual motion in real-time [1]. Secondly, the complexity of the classification task is significantly reduced by mapping the continuous motion trajectories to sequences of ’motion events’. And thirdly, all the network structures are simple and with the exception of the optical flow chip based on a Winner-Take-All (WTA) architecture. We demonstrate the application of the proposed generic system for a contactless man-machine interface that allows to write letters by visual motion. Regarding the low complexity of the system, its robustness and the already existing front-end, a complete aVLSI system-on-chip implementation is realistic, allowing various applications in mobile electronic devices.

reprint | video sequence of demo (mpeg,3m)