Assignment 4, Psych. 153, Spring 2010

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Describe your decision problem.

List the attributes, with the top and bottom of the range of each.

Put the table of your analysis here, with the options, attributes, attribute utilities and weights. The weights should be the last row, at the bottom. Do not include the calculations here. IMPORTANT: Unlike the other areas on this page, this one does not add line breaks automatically. And, in this case, it is OK to have lines longer than 70 characters. Better to maintain the layout of the table even it it runs off a 80-column screen. But YOU MUST MAKE SURE TO PUT IN THE LINE BREAKS YOURSELF. (If you do it correctly, the table will look correct on your screen.)

Show completely the calculation of the utility of the best option.

Add any relevant notes about the attributes, options, or utilities - anything that isn't clear so far.

Explain in detail how you made the judgments that yielded the attributes weights. Give an example.

Explain how you checked for consistency. Give an example.