Welcome to the Consumer Purchase Decision Aid!

Welcome! Are you having difficulty making a decision?  Do you wish that
you had someone around to tell you what the most "logical" choice is?
Well now you do.  This site has been created to assist you, the consumer,
with all of your buying needs.  This site works for anything from deciding
what cereal to eat in the morning to what car you should buy.
It is a tool to help YOU in all of your purchasing needs.  So come on
in and see what we have to say about your decision!

This site can be used for decisions about
consumer products, vacations, and anything you
can purchase.

** Please note that this is an experimental page and to be used strictly
for entertainment.  You are not bound to choose what
we suggest; instead, take our "answer" and see if it works well for you!**

Please read all instructions and think carefully about your responses in order to get accurate results.  For a detailed explanation of why our method will work better than other decision aids available on the web, read this essay.
  This decision aid works best if you know something about the product you are buying. You might want to find out more by looking at the Consumer Reports web page.