If you clicked on this link, there are probably a couple of things you are wondering:

1) What's so great about using an outside decision aid anyway?

As with most human beings, when we are attempting to make a reasonably important decision about how to spend our money, we'd like to have the best feeling that the decision we are making is a good one. However, for most decisions, we have neither the time nor the money to consult an expert about every purchase we're trying to make. So instead, we mull about it, ask friends, family and other trusted acquaintances, before coming to a conclusion we hope is reasonable. Friends and family can be wonderful resources, as they aren't as involved in the decision as you are, however, for that same reason, they cannot truly understand every aspect of a product that is important to you. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask advice of another version of yourself who not only knew exactly what was important to you about a purchasing decision, but also had the detachment to be able to give you a clear rating of each product according to your own values?

Which leads us to our next question.

2) What makes THIS decision aid better than:

Our process is significantly less messy than animal sacrifice, (and something you can recommend to family and friends without fear of them disowning you). What may need some clarification is why we are also confident that our decision aid is better than the majority of other web based decision aids you will run across in your travels. In creating our decision aid, we've taken the time to read over the latest in decision making theory and put it all together into one clear, concise, and accurate process. We ask you to rate utility, which is the total amount of goodness each aspect of a product yields, and we have a logical way of comparing utilities of different products.

Many decision aids have you rate each aspect of the product directly, so you are comparing dollar bills to efficiency, without having a common scale. The results of this can be confusing at best. And other aids don't even have scales at all, leaving you to guess both what exactly you are comparing and what the comparisons actually mean.

Also, our decision aid is designed to guard against common decision making pitfalls, such as the Prominence Effect, which is when you become so focused on one attribute of the product that you forget about how important the others are to you. This can even lead you to decide to buy a product that isn't actually your first choice, because you are unable to take everything into consideration.

We take the confusion out of decision making, and give our results in an easy to understand, fun, and accurate manner. We hope that this explanation has cleared up any concerns you might have had about our site, and maybe even helped you pick up a few new facts about decision aids. Please, enjoy your stay at our site, and if you have any other concerns feel free to list them in the comment box at the end. Happy Decision Making!