Are you having a difficult time working something out with another person? This could be anything from division of labor on an important project, to a deciding a fair price on a product, or even to figuring out the best way to arrange chores around the house. Much of life is a negotiating situation, and it is always better to leave friends behind you than enemies. At the same time, you naturally want the best possible outcome for yourself.

Using our negotiating process (based on the book by Brams and Taylor), you and a partner will have the opportunity to both come out winners in any negotiation! And the best part is, the more HONEST you are, the BETTER the outcome for you and the person you are negotiating with. With the completely confidential information you and your negotiating partner give, we will give you back the best options for you and the person you are negotiating with.

Everybody Wins!

First you and your partner will be asked to agree on what you are negotiating, and identify yourselves. Then each of you will be asked to define main issues in the negotiation, and to insure that you are both viewing them from the same frame of reference. Each of you then will be asked your specific opinions of each issue numerically. The more honest you are the better the results will be for both you and your partner. Using your information, we will give you the best outcomes for both of you in the negotiation, and give our explanation as to why. Have fun, and happy negotiating!