Doing research with me (Jon Baron)

Research assistance: I am not looking for research assistance of any sort.

Post-docs and visiting students: I have no funding for post-docs or visiting students. I am happy to consider such visitors with their own support, if their research interests are close to mine.

Undergraduate research: Despite being officially retired, I am interested in supervising independent research (Psych 299, Psych 399, PPE 299, PPE 301, Cogsci 299) when the project is closely related to my interests.

Graduate students: I am not interested in being the main advisor of new students in psychology, unless they come with an external fellowship. (Advisors must now pay increasing amounts of money toward student support, and I am not sufficiently confident that I will have any money for this in five years.) I am happy to be on students' committees.

My main research interests are in how people think about moral questions, especially questions about public policy. A major topic of current work is the nature and measurement of individual differences in actively open-minded thinking (AOT), and its relation to politics

My own empirical work uses the World Wide Web for questionnaire studies. For data analysis, I use R, which students who do this kind of work should learn. I am happy to supervise other kinds of work, including legal or philosophical projects related to my interests.

For more information about my own current projects, the best place is my web page, specifically the recent links in the section labeled "Some drafts and talks." But here are some particularly relevant links:

Baron, J. (in press). Citizenship and morality. Current Opinion in Psychology.

Baron, J. (in press). Social norms for citizenship. Social Research

Baron, J. (submitted). Actively open-minded thinking and politics (submitted for publication in a special issue of Cognition) (long).

The 'culture of honor' in citizens' concept of their duty as citizens (even longer)

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