Psychology and related fields

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Local resources:
Report on use of the SAT at Penn (1992)
Damien Leri's decision maker (Psych 153 project)
Psych 453 decision aids

Examples of decision aids on the web:
JavaScript Decision Aid (not good at weight elicitation)
Damien Leri's decider (MAUT - good at weights but examples wrong)
Les Lenert's examples of utility elicitation for health
Baron/Ubel experiment on analog scale and priority lists

The following deal with negotiation in particular:
Fair division
Review of Brams and Taylor book
Summary of procedure for divorce

Michael Birnbaum
Scott Cantor
Linda Caporael
Gretchen Chapman
Robert Clemen
Douglas Davis
The Jon Elster Page
Ernst Fehr
Leon Felkins ("A rational life")
Robert Frank
James Gleick
Jon Haidt
Robert Hamm
David Harless (contains data on choice under uncertainty)
Jiro Ihara
Julie Irwin
Richard Jeffrey
Simon Kemp
Les Lenert (cost-utility)
Lívia Markóczy
Edward McCaffery, Law and Technology
Gary McClelland
Daniel McFadden
Roger Myerson
Robert Nease lab
Al Roth's game-theory page
Maurice Schweitzer
Jason Shogren
Larry Susskind (and his institute)
Peter Ubel's center at Michigan
Peter Unger (with "Living high and letting die")
Hal Varian
Peter Wakker (with list of references)
Frank Yates et al.

Decision making:
Decision Processes at Penn, DP Brown Bag Schedule, Wharton Risk Center, OPIM
Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Society for Medical Decision Making
MIT Clinical Decision Making
Center for Decision Research, Chicago
European Association for Decision Making
Decision Analysis Society: Working papers, Syllabi
Decision Research (OR)
Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
Decision/Risk Analysis
Society for Risk Analysis
Center for Experimental Business Research (Hong Kong)
Bayesian links

Decision analysis software:
Michaem Birnbaum's Bayesian calculator
Examples from Birnbaum's book
Craig Kirkwood's Decision Analysis Resources,
Belief networks
PersonaLogic (crude decision analysis but lots of data)
Hailfinder (Bayesian network),
Bayesian belief networks, etc.

Medicine, medical ethics, medical decision making, and birth control

Medscape (HRT risk calculator)
Bioethics center (Penn)
Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, Cost-utility ratios, Life-expectancy gains
Online Ethics (Science)
Quality of life instruments
Health Utilities Index
Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (drug industry reference)
Non-medical drugs (Shaffer Library)
American Medical Informatics Association
Senate report on euthanasia and assisted suicide (Canada)
Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics (Penn)
American Council of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Health economics links, Health Econ. Com.
Cochrane Collaboration (reviews of effectiveness research)
Centre for Health Program Evaluation, Victoria, Australia
Behavioral risk factor surveillance system (CDC)

Computers in medicine
Trial Bank Project (Sim)
Open Infrastructure for Outcomes

Economics and law:
Journal of Health Economics
Health Economics (another journal)

Statistics and probability:
"Bet" on subjective probability
David MacKinnon's mediation page
James Steiger's multicorr page
Journal of Statistics Eduation

Skepticism and pseudoscience
Chance, education in probability and statistics
High school statistics

Philosophy and critical thinking:
Philosophy sources
JHU Ethics Page
Business Ethics at Bath
Catholic social thought
Association for informal logic and critical thinking

NSF proposal preparation
Fast lane
NIH measurement