Jonathan Baron's questionnaire studies

This is about studies I do on the web. They are experiments in the form of questionnaires. They deal with judgments and decisions about risk, health, morality, emotion and public policy.

I pay, usually $4-$8, for doing a study, which can take up to 30 min to do, usually less. I pay through PayPal, after every study. To get your money, you will have to have an account there, but you don't need that now. PayPal will notify you when you need to open an account. (You can add email addresses to an existing account if you want to do that.)

When a study is available, I send email to some of those on my mailing list (with everyone getting an equal chance). If you are registered (on my list), you should expect to get email about once a month (or, now, less, as I don't have a grant). Each study will be available until I get enough responses on it.

I have about 600 people on my mailing list.

I remove people from the list whose email address is no longer valid, who block my mail with a spam filter, who send me a request to verify my email, or who have not done anything for a few years.

Important notes

Last modified 01/23/20