Ann Bunger


I am a Postdoctoral Fellow working with Anna Papafragou at the University of Delaware and John Trueswell at the University of Pennsylvania.

My research interests include

  1. Language acquisition and processing

  2. Word learning

  3. Event representation

  4. Interface of language and cognition

How do children learn to make sense of the world around them, and how do they learn to describe it? In my research, I use experimental methodologies like eyetracking and preferential looking to investigate the mapping between conceptual and linguistic representations of events. I am especially interested in understanding how event construal and description differ across languages and with linguistic and conceptual development. Specific areas of interest include how children represent and label multi-part events like causatives and motion events, what crosslinguistic patterns of linguistic encoding can tell us about event construal, and how early conceptual knowledge might provide a foundation for universal linguistic categories.

CV   (updated March 15, 2013)

Department of Psychology

University of Delaware

108 Wolf Hall

Newark, DE  19716-2577

Email: bunger AT

Phone: 302.831.8827

Institute for Research in Cognitive Science

University of Pennsylvania

3401 Walnut St, Suite 400A

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228