English 330: New Approaches to Renaissance Studies

Spring 1997
Professor Rebecca Bushnell

Section I: Introduction


Elizabeth I


"Queen Elizabeth I" by Marcus Gheeraerts the younger, c.1592. Known as the "Ditchley" portrait, it was painted to commemorate Elizabeth's visit to Sir Henry Lee's house at Ditchley in 1592. (Her feet rest on Oxfordshire.) Click here to see a detail of this portrait (164k).


I. II. IIIa. IIIb.

(I. 267k, II. 263k, IIIa. 309k, IIIb. 306k)

"Middle-sex described with the most famous cities of London and Westminster" from John Speed's Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine, (1611). The first image (I) is of the entire engraving; the others are details from the upper left inset (II) and from the upper right inset (IIIa-b). [Larger version of II. (374k)].


(IV. 283k, V. 639k, VI. 407k, VII. 414k)

Maps of Britain and its counties. The first (IV) is an anonymous map of the British Isles created between 1534 and 1546. The second (V) is of Plomberow, Essex by Israel Ames (1579); one of eight maps to accompany a written survey of the property of Edmund Tirrell so that the estate could be divided among his heirs. The third and fourth are from a map of Cornwall -- the full map (VI) and a detail (VII). [Larger versions: IV (182k), VI (412k)].

Portrait Miniatures


(I. 267k, II. 481k, III. 610k)

"Young man amongst Roses" by Nicholas Hilliard. The first (I) is a full view of the miniature; the second (II) is a detail of his head; the third (III) is a detail of his body.

From a painting by Joris Hoefnagel (143k).

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