English 330: Introduction to Renaissance Studies

Spring 1997
Professor Rebecca Bushnell

Section VI: The New State and the Nation


Elizabeth I


"Queen Elizabeth I" by Marcus Gheeraerts the younger, c.1592. Known as the "Ditchley" portrait, it was painted to commemorate Elizabeth's visit to Sir Henry Lee's house at Ditchley in 1592. (Her feet rest on Oxfordshire.) Click here to see a detail of this portrait (164k).

James I

(I. 355k, II. 135k, III. 125k)

These images are from the reign of James I (1603-25). The first is a portrait of James; the second is a depiction of James' entry into London; the third is a portrait of Queen Anne. [Larger versions of I. (228k); II. (254k); II. (270k).]

Charles I

I. II.
(I. 395k, II. 441k)

Above are two images of Charles I; both are by Van Dyck. (I) "Charles I on Horseback with Seigneur de St. Antoine" 1633. (II) "Charles I Hunting" 1635.

King Lear

A comparison between the Folio and Quarto versions of III.vi of King Lear

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