Sascha Jane Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics

Knowledge, Belief and Strategic Interaction
Cambridge University Press, 2008.

There has been a great deal of interaction among game theorists, philosophers and logicians in certain foundational problems concerning rationality, the formalization of knowledge and practical reasoning, and models of learning and deliberation. This volume brings together the work of some of the pre-eminent figures in their respective disciplines, all of whom are engaged in research at the forefront of their fields. Together they offer a conspectus of the interaction of game theory, logic and epistemology in the formal models of knowledge, belief, deliberation and learning, and in the relationship between Bayesian decision theory and game theory, as well as between bounded rationality and computational complexity.


...there are contributions using epistemic logic, contributions on computability and algorithms, and on the acquisition of common knowledge and the dynamics of belief change. The wide range of topics shows that this is a rapidly growing area of research.

- Maarten Janssen, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam