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The SAA Style Guide:

I had problems getting to the SAA style guide on the web and I've heard that others in the class have also had problems. I've learned that it does work, you just have to know how to make it come up. You go to "style guide" and then click on the little triangle beside the menus in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will provide a second level menu with important info for your paper such as "references cited" and "in text citations."

You can get to the main style guide menu by clicking here. Then look to the left side of the screen and click on the specific category to receive information. Don't get overwhelmed with the details. For your individual papers, the in text citations, the references cited, and the abstract style guide rules are the most important.


I have been trying to put some order in this page. I decided to post the readings, news, comments, etc. by date (with the lastest at the top of the page). I hope that this is more useful.

I updated the textbook reading syllabus for the second edition of Price and Feinman on 2/3/97. You might want to print it out from Netscape.

April 14, 1997:


I've put 4 copies of the following readings of reserve. We'll discuss the required reading in class on Monday, April 14. Please come prepared to discuss the article. You might want to also think how "world systems theory" could be applied to other civilizations that we have discussed.


Peregrine, Peter
1996 Hyperopia or Hyperbole? The Mississippian World System.
[a case study of world systems theory; applied to the Mississippian Culture AD 1000-AD 1300 in the Midwest USA].


Peregrine, Peter
1996 Introduction: World-Systems Theory and Archaeology
[some basic background to "world systems theory]

March 24, 1997:

REQUIRED READING ASSIGNMENT: We will discuss the following article on Monday, March 24 in class. Please come prepared to discussed this and the Welbourn article from last Wednesday.

McIntosh, Roderick "Early Urban Clusters in China and Africa: The Arbitration of Social Ambiguity."

March 17, 1997:

REQUIRED READING ASSIGNMENT: We will discuss these two articles on Wednesday, March 19 in class. Please come prepared to discussed these articles.

Trigger "Monumental architecture: A thermodynamic explanation of symbolic behavior"<\p>

Welborne "Craft Specialization and complex societies: A critique"

Feb 25, 1997

REQUIRED READING ASSIGNMENT: We will discuss these on Wednesday, Feb. 26. These are all short "classic" articles and relatively easy to read.

Denevan "The Pristine Myth" (left over from last week-you should have already read this one)

Childe "The Urban Revolution"

Mitchell "The Hydraulic Hypothesis

Carniero "A Theory on the Origin of State"

Feb 18, 1997

REQUIRED READING ASSIGNMENT: We will discuss this on Monday Feb. 24.

Denevan "The Pristine Myth"


Dibble "Middle Paleolithic Scraper Reduction"

This is OPTIONAL reading. The article covers much of the material that Dr. Dibble presented in his lecture/demonstration on the Middle Paleolithic and flintknapping. The article is very technical, complex, and long. This is for those of you who missed his lecture or for those who want to "dive into" this material in more detail.

Feb 12, 1997

REQUIRED READING ASSIGNMENT: We will discuss these on Monday, Feb. 17.

Watson and Kennedy "The Development of Horticulture..."

Katz and Voigt "Bread and Beer"

NY Times article on Monte Verde Site (handout)

Feb. 6, 1997


I passed out a handout with a list of student groups arranged by topic. Each topic has a listing of basic references (places to get started). I expect for each group to learn how to use the Museum Library computer searches using key words for our Penn collection FLIN and for international collections RLIN. The WILSON listing is also good for journal articles and book reviews (these are accessable through the links under "Interesting Links to Archaeology" in this home page--see Museum Library).

The Internet is also a great source for up-to-date materials, esp. for the Native American/Archaeology issue. I have provided numerous links to archaeology web sites in this home page that you will find useful. Most of these are searchable by key words. On-line editorials and articles in the Bulletin of the Society for American Archaeology are very useful.

2/3/97 AND 2/10/97

Blumenschine and Cavallo
"Scavenging and Human Evolution"


Shreeve, James
"Sunset on the Savanna":
an update on new fossil finds and how they are changing the way that paleoanthropologists interpret human evolution


Reserve box for Anthropology 1 General Honors at Reserve Desk in Museum Library, 3rd Floor, University Museum. There are two copies of each article on reserve in envelopes #1 and #2

REQUIRED READING: Deetz and Dethlefsen (first re-read section on seriation in Chapter 7 (pp. 146-149 of Ashmore/Sharer text

OPTIONAL READING: Flannery and Schrire

Deetz, James and Edwin Dethlefsen
Death's Head, Cherub, Urn and Willow.

a short article on the theory and use of seriation to date archaeological materials. They use historical tombstones from the Northeast US to test the assumptions of the method and to examine how and why "style" changes and spreads over a geographical region

Flannery, Kent V.
Culture History vs. Culture Process

a short review of a book that quickly summarizes the differences between the culture history approach and the process (or processual) approach in archaeology

Schrire, Carmel
Wild Surmises on Savage Thoughts

an article on the problems, pitfalls, and abuse of simplistic ethnographic analogy, in this case use of modern hunter and gathering societies to explain the prehistoric past


Erickson, Clark
Raised Field Agriculture in the Lake Titicaca Basin

a short summary of the project presented in Lecture 1

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