Reading Assignments

January 11     Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in Wade.
January 23     Read Chapter 3 in Wade. You should be using your molecular models.
February 1     Read Chapter 4 in Wade.
February 6     Answer Key to Exam 1 is here.  Mean=78, sigma 12.5. Regrade requests are due by the end of class 2/13.
February 13   Read Chapter 5 in Wade. Make sure to use your molecular models.
February 20   Read Chapter 6 in Wade.
March 2         Read Chapter 7 in Wade. Exams will be returned on Monday, March 13.
March 13      Exam 2 key is here.   Mean=59.6, sigma 16.6. Regrade requests are due by the end of class 3/17.
March 15      Read Chapter 8 in Wade. Keep up with the reading. Slow and steady wins the race.
March 22      Finish Chapter 8 and start Chapter 9.
March 29      Read Chapter 9. Exam 3 is next Wednesday, April 5.
April 7          Read Chapters 10 and 11 in Wade.
April 10        Exam 3 Key is here.  Mean 66.8, sigma 19.6. Regrade requests are due by the end of class 4/17.
April 17        Read Chapter 12 and 13 in Wade. Final exam is Monday, May 1 from 9-11 am.

I will hold a Review Session (really just question/answers) on Tuesday, April 25 1-3 pm in Chem 102.
Extra office hours during finals week: Wednesday April 26 9-10 am; Thursday April 27 2-3 pm; Friday April 28 9-10:30 am.
Carolyn Wei will hold a review session on Sunday, April 30 from 8-10 pm in IAST 2000.

I have started a page listing errors in the Wade/Simek Solutions manual. If you discover any errors, let me know and I will include them.

Old Exams in pdf format

Old exam 1
Old exam 2
Old exam 3
Old Final exam

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